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Rescued from the grey shades of daily life by a fine, beautiful and nice young lady.
Colour and sense slid back into view. Everything ought to be well. If only it wasn't about this problem. If only you had not to deal with these "episodes".

Every now and then you wake up at places where you did not got to sleep. Sometimes you only blink and find yourself at some other place. And sometimes you are afraid of the things that might have happened in the meantime.

Thank god you found her. She watches over you. She takes care of you. But this time it looks like something really bad has happened.

Probably you don’t even want to know the truth...

Behind the camera:

Oliver Jungwirth (
Script, camera, director, cutting and additional score

Oliver Jungwirth & Daniel Fischer

Christian Grill (

Thanks for technical support:
Anna Haslehner
Fischer Films Linz


Falling down by Broken Romeo
Coming to see by Broken Romeo
Redundancy by Arising


12. 06. 2006: Moviemento Linz
13. 06. 2006: Moviemento Linz
12. 11. 2006: Wist Heim Bar

Thanks to

TUMIDO & Stefan Rois
Birgit und Manu von Zach-Records
James von Broken Romeo
Thomas von Arising
Chronic Utopia (Rest In Peace)
Chris Grill von Aquarian Age
Familie Nausner – Drehorterlaubnis
Familie Pum – Drehraumdekoration
Kaffeehaus Bruckmüller – Dreherlaubnis


Main characters

Daniel Fischer
Marlene Pum


Stefanie Schrittwieser
Martin Nausner
Georg Salamonsberger
David Füreder


Christine Genger
Alexander Pum
Dominik Prammer
Alexandra Ganhör


Hannah Nausner
Sabrina Heiml
Lukas Nausner
Ralf Puchinger
Michael Ojo
Samuel Prammer


Felix Vierlinger


Kaffeehaus Bruckmüller
Wasserwald, Linz


Score by Christian Grill (
additional score by Oliver Jungwirth (

Falling down

written and performed by BROKEN ROMEO

The one

written and performed by BROKEN ROMEO

Coming To See You

written and performed by BROKEN ROMEO

Feeding My Rage

written and performed by STEVIS & THE GROOVE


written and performed by AQUARIAN AGE


written and performed by TUMIDO & STEFAN ROIS
Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von ZACH RECORDS.

Questionmark (Radio Edit)

written and performed by AQUARIAN AGE

Power Of Your Love

written and performed by AQUARIAN AGE

A Midsummer Nights Mare

written and performed by CHRONIC UTOPIA


written and performed by ARISING