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Daniel Fischer in Landesfarben

Daniel Fischer

Country: Trinidad & Tobago
Quote: "If yes, why not."

Freshness in its purest form and intensive in taste this type of coffee will stay on your palatine for weeks and invites you to look at the world with different eyes. The taste will activate your inner strength and lets you come back to life after a hard days work. You’ll even have enough strength in you to walk through the world and soak up all its crazy, yet fascinating and positive flavour. This is a coffee for wallowers who appreciate being surprised every time again.

Oliver Jungwirth in Honduras Landesfarben

Oliver Jungwirth

Country: Honduras
Quote: "Coffee does not reduce water in my body. If it were that way, I would be dust by now."

Full of charismatic flavour and a dash of zest for life, vitality and pure aroma, here you’ll meet the most positive characteristics of coffee in their unspoiled way. Convincing, friendly and dreamy in taste, down-to-earth in its making and full of character in its fulfilment this coffee is to be enjoyed so that its activating effect can deploy fully.

Georg Salamonsberger in Togo Landesfarben

Georg Salamonsberger

Country: Togo
Quote: "Don’t act that girlish!"

A very individual sort we got here. Grown under the heat of the sun all the great aromas of coffee merge into one. Its taste will take you over, will be gentle on your tongue and be incomparable in its taste. This sort of coffee is not for a “coffee-to-go”, you’ll take your time for this one. And you would not want to miss it, once you tasted it.

David Füreder in Guatemala Landesfarben

David Füreder

Country: Guatemala
Quote: "Something's not right here."

The extraordinary down-to-earth-flavour of this plant is to be located in its crazy process of growing up. Unimpressive at the first look, but full of taste in its inner self, this coffee is for people you care to take a second look. You may pass the first time, but the second time you would not bear to miss it.

Martin Nausner in Ghanas Landesfarben

Martin Nausner

Country: Ghana
Quote: "A picture says more than thousands of words."

Natural in its making, fine in its taste pure in its aroma this coffee is pure in its lust for life. As a fanatic praise of the pureness of this coffee they only make „Espresso“ out of it. To be drunk in short, tasteful dosages – again and again.