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Release: 2011
Duration: 4 min
Language: English
Subtitle: none


Olivers first idea was to make a video including animation effects. But since our go-to guy for graphics (Martina Nausner, www.digigrafia.net) is living abroad for awhile we were not able to bring up enough drawing power to deliever quality work. So what to do? After short consideration Oliver changed the idea to match our skills (and he began to learn to draw so that we’ll not have to face that problem again) and after a short discussion about what and how to do with composer Chris Grill everything was set.

The shoot took two days with Daniel behind and Oliver in front of the camera. Oliver also directed and storyboarded the video. He also cut it and put in the special effects, as well as some work on the details of the shots (changing the headlines in post production for example). Funny thing is, that on the second (and final) day of shooting Martin dropped in for a short visit, because he came home back to Austria for a week.

The new High Definition camera was put to the test successfully and on 31st october 2011 the video went to Chris, who wanted some small changes (he called for a not-so-happy-ending) and finally all was set and done.


Oliver Jungwirth

Christian Grill: Guitar, Vocals
Gerold "Moarly" Mayr: Bass
Robert Gremelmayr: Drums


Oliver Jungwirth (Script, Director, Cut, SFX, Post Production)
Daniel Fischer (Camera)
Martin Nausner (Set Photos)



9 m m

Release: 2010
Duration: 1 min 10 sec
Language: English
Subtitle: none


The experimental Shortmovie "9 mm" is the first serious try of Martin in making movies. It was shot at available light with a Nikon D200 dslr with 28 mm & 50 mm prime lenses. The sound was recorded separately and then synchronised.

The film idea was born with a couple of coffee and some half pints, when Bernadette & Martin were talking about office humor, and that some jokes are just for "the boys" - and sometimes you just can't stare down the funny guys...


Martin Nausner -- Idea, Direction, Camera, Cut
Bernadette Duscher -- Idea, Voice, Female
Bernhard Gallistl -- Male 1
Oliver Jungwirth -- Direction & Cut Ass., Audio, Male 2
Markus Kriegl -- Photography Ass., Male 3
Thomas Widter -- Music, Sound Effects



Nick Needle cover

Nick Needle

Release: 10.08.2008
Runtime: 45 seconds
Movie: http://nickneedle.creatorscup.at


This thriller tells the soundless story of a delicate drug deal ending in a sensational shootout.

NICK NEEDLE is a nearly spontaneous short movie by Creators Cup in 2007.
It was planned for an official project of a third party, which involved a special plane flying a camera over linz shooting lots of activities. Due to several changes and delays we pulled the deal on our own...


Perfect Day Titelbild

Perfect Day

Release: 2006
Laufzeit: 4:21 minutes
Sprache: english


When creating the video for "Perfect Day" Oliver was still involved with his first (kind of the starter-kit for "Creators Cup") Culture Club namend "Kunst-WerkT" (which translates as "Art-Worx"). The video was shot in Linz, partly in Olivers old apartment, partly in the youth club called "Yello". The scenes including Chris Grill (singer, guitarist and songwriter of the band Aquarian Age) where shot seperatly and turned out (thx to a few beers) to be quite weird. Or as Oliver put it: "How is that weird? That's just the way we really are."
There were scenes "around" the real video and in the first version Oliver cut them out. They made no sense and were not useful at all. But since Chris asked about a "long and silly" version - here we go. Still not sure if they are useful though.

In the old days Oliver was still living in lower Austria and came in contact with the band Aquarian Age and since a song like "Perfect Day" absolutly is the music style (and lyrics) Oliver likes, he asked Chris if he liked to have a music video for the song. Without having any kind of experience shooting music-videos at all by the way.
Chris said "yes" and Oliver approached the other members of "Kunst-WerkT" about the project. They agreed. Only thing is: He did not consider the long instrumental passages of the song when writing the script, so ... they had to use some scenes twice.


Daniel Jaksch -- main character
Marion Jaksch -- girlfriend
Bernhard Henökl -- Boss
Stefanie Schrittwieser -- Costumer
Marlene Pum -- Costumer
Ralf Puchinger -- Costumer / Cop
Susanne Schotka -- Costumer
Christian Grill -- Costumer
Oliver Jungwirth -- Barkeeper, script, camera, director, editor


"Perfect Day"
von Aquarian Age
(Lyrics and music by Christian Grill)

Lyrics are here

Aquarian Age are:
Christian Grill - guitar, vocals
Gerold "Moarly" Mayr -- bass
Robert Gremelmayr -- drums

Video V 1.0

Video V 1.5

Zwanghaft Titelbild


Release: 2005
Laufzeit: 4:38 minutes
Sprache: Deutsch


This time it was only Oliver and a friend of his, Rita Krenn. The effects were done spontaneously (hello, ketchup). That's why the props are not realistic at all. You may forgive them, since they had to go with whatever they could find in Olivers aparment. Special "Thank You" to Rita, without her the movie never would have been made. This movie is one of the very rare occasions (the only one as a matter of fact), you get to see Rita in front of a camera.

At the time the movie was made the topic of "euthanasia" was all over the media. Oliver and Rita decided one afternoon that they wanted to do a movie. And since one could not escape the topic anyway, why not make a short-movie about it. They took the camera and shot the whole movie in one afternoon in Olivers apartment and in the cellar of the house.
"Zwanghaft" (a play-on-words, combining the two german words for "obsession" and "prison") was a technical revolution for Oliver - mostly in terms of camera movement and editing.
Nowadays it's not that revolutional any more, but one has to admit: the movie aged well. And its topic is as important as ever.

Note from Oliver: The printed words on the wall read: "Freedom means that you are able to choose the time you want to leave".


Rita Krenn
nurse, script, props

Oliver Jungwirth
patient, camera, script, props, editor, music


"In The Dreamtime (A Vision Thing)"
by Oliver Jungwirth

"Into Eternity"
by Oliver Jungwirth